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26 December 2003 – Posted my starter decks for ‘Cephiro Collectors’ and ‘Nine Champions’. Added an anime section to my collection of fan listings; organizing the shows into alphabetical order by title. Joined four new listings, three for ‘Ayashi no Ceres’ and one for ‘Magic Knight Rayearth’. And finally! Some poems should be posted by the end of this weekend.


Welcome to ‘Glittered Pickles’ my home on the world wide web. What’s with the name you ask? Simple; I love shiny things and I love pickles. Therefore I believe pickles covered in glitter would be great!

While I go make a mess in the kitchen please enjoy what you find here. The links on the side will lead you to my original fiction and poetry, my meager collection of fan fiction, and any quizzes I’ve taken. Anything or anyone I’ve adopted and all the fan listings I belong to can also be found here. And if you click on “Go Fish!” you’ll find all the TCGs (Trading Card Games) that I belong to. Also if you follow the link called ‘It’s Only A Memory’ you’ll find my Deadjournal.

Enjoy yourselves but please remember that all the original stories and the poetry are mine and I worked very hard on them. You’re welcome to link to them if you want but please don’t claim them as your own work. Also, if you do link to them let me know where your site is as I love to check out new places. Finally please, oh please, I’m begging you! Please sign my guestbook.

Major kudos to Twilight Shadows for this awesome PoA layout. A link to the site is liste to the left at the bottom. Go and check it out. Shoo!


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